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Adjusters &

Our historical data shows you the frequency and severity of storms, helping you assess past hail damage and anticipate future liabilities. Figure out where you need to direct your efforts to prepare for storm season.

Roofers &

Only 40% of buildings damaged in severe storms have new roofs within the first 3 months. The remaining 60% take 4 to 18 months before a claim is made. HailStrike helps you to precisely target canvassing efforts and get the competitive edge!

Realtors &
Property Owners

Analyze past storms to determine future risks. Set up alerts to immediately warn you when a storm strikes.

Hail maps from HailStrike. Tracking hail damage is easy with unlimited paths and detailed storm swath maps.

Interactive hail maps

The HailStrike web app allows you to determine the area, date and activity you wish to see. You are not limited to a pay-per-map solution that gives you what is assumed you want to see. Use the powerful filters and parameters to let HailStrike do the work for you and get the "whole picture" regarding a storm and it's affect on any area within the US. Hail tracking maps go back 5 years, while you can also see the storm history for the past 10 years.


  • Hail paths with size markers.
  • Live hail spotter reports.
  • Downloadable historical data.
  • Tornado and high wind reports.
  • Plans starting as low as $199 a month!

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