Animated Hail activity maps

Accurate. Detailed. Informative.


Get "real time" historical storm activity showing a storm's size, intensity of severe hail, duration, and coverage. Find the exact areas most affected by a storm and target your canvassing efforts more efficiently.


Get detailed proof of hail activity that may have damaged your property.


Tired of stagnant “pickle maps” with assumed areas of coverage? AniSwath’s® patented algorithms provide two things that have been missing from traditional reports for years: Duration and Intensity. Get the comprehensive data you need to better assess the damage caused by a storm.

Hail maps from HailStrike - Track hail damage with the most comprehensive hail swath maps in the industry.

Find hail damage the easy way with our animated storm maps

AniSwath® features colorized and fully animated maps based on accurate, detailed, and verified information. AniSwath® files playback as they happened over a particular area. Not only can you see the intensity of severe hail, but the entire duration of the storm. Adjust the playback speed of the animation or watch it frame by frame. You can also switch over to see the "overview" of the storm which combines all frames together for a more traditional map of the storm. While the AniSwath® is displayed, you have the flexibility to zoom down to a satellite street level view to see what was under the storm.

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Hail reports - AniSwaths from HailStrike

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