Data based 100% on science

Data based 100% on science

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We believe the only reliable data is that which can be verified with complete disclosure of the science used to generate it. All of our tools, reports and maps are based on 100% science.


The most comprehensive tools in the industry

Data provided by NOAA. Data provided by NWS.
Track Storm Paths. Informative Overlays. Alerts & Monitoring.

Monthly Subscriptions

Real time storm tracking with many interactive tools to help your business be as successful as possible. Set monitoring, measure with street level aerial imagery.

  • Track Storms Paths
  • Informative Overlays
  • Alerts & Monitoring
Hail Verification. Hail Overview. Hail Intensity.


See detailed site-specific reports for verified storm activity using our patented hail intensity scale.

  • Hail Verification
  • Hail Overview
  • Hail Intensity
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Animated Heat Map. Patented Hail Intensity. Footprint of storm.


Animated Swaths ("AniSwath") are animated heat maps that breaks-out storm dynamics, intensity, direction, duration, speed, and time-over-point.

  • Animated Heat Map
  • Patented Hail Intensity
  • Footprint of Storm
Order Details
Mass Report Orders. Detailed, Accurate. Fully Automated.

Large Scale Data

Do you need 10 or even 10,000 reports? We can deliver site specific reports to you in bulk. Integrate our data with your software, or get individual reports.

  • Mass Report Orders
  • Detailed, Accurate
  • Fully Automated
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Hail history on demand. Great marketing tool. Doorstep reporting.

OneSite Mobile

Cross platform mobile tool to see hail history based on your current location. Order reports or just see the dates of activity.

  • Hail History on Demand
  • Great Marketing Tool
  • Doorstep Reporting
Full Featured Mobile App. Order/Review Hail Maps. Power on the Go.

HailStrike Go

Take the power of HailStrike with you. In conjunction with the desktop version, you can view storms, set alerts or even order reports.

  • Full Featured Mobile App
  • View Hail Maps
  • Power on the Go

API connections for automated data.

We provide customized RESTful API solutions for your weather data needs. Our comprehensive, reliable and up-to-the-minute database of weather data and patented analysis delivers scientifically proven information you need to make confident decisions.


HailStrike is very thankful to the people who risk their lives in dedication to serving the United States. Their sacrifices from local, county and National levels ensure our way of life and safety. We actively support and give tribute to all those who have served or are currently committed to serving our country. With each OneSite report that is ordered, we generate a special Military Salute to one of the many who have given their lives in the line of duty.