Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other hail mapping companies?

HailStrike is a professional roofers tool. We are dedicated to bringing you the most advanced tools in the industry to help your business be a success. Our unique online map has the ability to filter what is displayed. CountyLines, Zip Codes, Demographic info, ground truth and Property Values and more!

Can I try out HailStrike before purchasing?

We do not offer a trial period, although we do regularly produce overview and tutorial videos, corresponding with upgrades and new products. These are viewable through our website. If you still have questions, feel free to call us for a live demo via screen-share.

Can more than one person use my HailStrike account?

Yes! We are the ONLY company to offer as many as 5 sub users at NO ADDITIONAL COST! The account admin can control what privileges each subuser has. To add and manage subusers, login as the main account holder and go to the "Manage Account page" and then the "Subusers" section. Subusers can't order products by default, but Ultimate subscribers can add those privileges for subusers.

How do I change my subscription or level of services?

Login to and click the person icon in the top right of the navbar and then click "Manage Account". The Subscriptions module is where you can manage your subscription(s). To cancel service, simply email from the primary account holder email (the one you signed up with).

Do you have a mobile app?

HailStrike was the first company to offer a mobile app. Since its original release, we have completely re-worked the app. It is now available in the iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) stores. With many free tools, this app is also meant to act as a remote tool, as well as a sister application to any subscription level.

How accurate are your maps?

HailStrike is the most advanced tool in the industry, interpreting data from multiple sources. Our sources include the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service (NWS), the National Climactic Data Center (NCDC), and the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). We have industry-only patented algorithms, ensuring that the information we present to you is the most accurate and the most reliable.

How quickly are your maps created?

Path data is constantly being downloaded from the NOAA servers, generating the path on the map within 5 minutes of activity. Because of this, you can literally watch the hail storm as it develops. AniSwath intensity maps are published approximately 4 hours after the hail activity has ceased within the range of the given radar station.

What do the paths represent?

The path points – or markers – indicate the probable maximum hail size that fell to the ground at the given point and time. This is an estimated maximum size. The path lines represent the development of the storm and indicates hail in the storm. The color and width of the lines are insignificant and are merely a way to connect the related markers and identify individual paths. The most complete information, however, will be obtained by using paths and AniSwath maps together.

What does an AniSwath map measure?

AniSwath maps use the LOWEST RADAR BEAM (.5 degrees) to measure the intensity of hail falling to the ground. Animating the map allows you to see the direction, duration, and speed of the storm as well. The most complete information, however, will be obtained by using paths and AniSwath maps together.

What if I just want the paths?

Access to the historical paths across the country is available with all paid subscriptions. The most complete information, however, will be obtained by using paths and AniSwath maps together.

How do alerts work?

We have the industry's first RADAR based alerts. These are sent within minutes of detected activity. Spotter alerts are customized by the user to send text and/or email alerts as desired, based on ground spotter report activity. Quiet Mode allows the user to disable text alerts during nighttime hours (9pm-8am). Set up your email address and phone number to begin receiving alerts. Subscriptions also come with 2 statewide Radar Alerts.

What training is available?

We are continually updating our training resources available to you online 24/7. Look in the top blue drop down in the main online app labeled "Traning" to see videos and more.

Why am I seeing spotter reports/paths for a different day than the one I selected?

We display paths in 48-hour increments. Because storms often overlap multiple days, we display the 24-hour period selected with 12-hour blocks on either side. This ensures that you always have information about the entire storm, even if it occurred across two or three days.

How do I view my account history?

You can view account history in the Statements module by clicking on Manage Account on your Dashboard. Here, you can view and download statements.

Can I use a different credit card than the one I signed up with?

Yes. From your Account Dashboard, click on the button labeled “Edit this subscription’s billing information” to the right of the subscription you wish to edit in the Subscriptions module. This brings up a window to add and manage credit cards on file.

What browsers do you support?

HailStrike was designed for optimal performance on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.