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With a HailStrike Subscription you can setup text alerts and be notified moments after a spotter reports hail. Then you can view the hail paths as the storm progresses.
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Probability of Severe Hail visualized as an animated heat map is the most informative visualization of hail activity in the industry.
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With OneSite, you have a report on all the hail activity that impacted a specific address over the last 3 years.
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Size, storm speed, direction and probability of severe hail
visualized as an animated heat map (AniSwath). The most informative visualization of hail activity in the industry.

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Our Technology

We are data scientists who, since 2011, offer the most innovative and cross-referenced hail maps and data available in the historical storm market today. We have taken a fresh approach to weather data science and have designed tools to recharge your business and provide you with data that is useful and easy-to-use.

Our data is compiled from multiple resources; from human verification to the latest radar-based technologies. We utilize every available provider of weather data and process it to then deliver maps, charts and reports that are useful on many levels. Rather than compromising accuracy by assuming severe hail activity, we simply provide you the most detailed current and historical reporting available anywhere.

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