Hail Tracking has never been this easy. Our complete suite of tools puts the answers you need in your hands.

Hail maps, hail reports, and storm tracking. AniSwath Info
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Whatever your application is, we have designed a full suite of tools to help you be the most efficient you can be when it comes to knowing the details of any hail event in the United States. Utilizing the latest in technological advances, HailStrike™ collects data from multiple resources and puts them all together to provide you with an easy-to-use toolset.

If you need Hail Verification for a particular property address, we can help.

With your address - we can tell you when.
With your date - we can tell you how much.
With your loss - we can show you the details.

Hail Maps in Motion

See hail maps in a whole new way. With AniSwath maps, you can see an animated heat map of the hail storm's size, speed & direction. A unique probability scale will also show you areas of higher activity.

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